The fresh new Zemskis were awful rakes ( razvratniki ), among them enjoyed brief females” (-31) (Aleksey Sklyarenko, private interaction

The fresh new Zemskis were awful rakes ( razvratniki ), among them enjoyed brief females” (-31) (Aleksey Sklyarenko, private interaction

-31: The brand new unmentionable magnetized fuel denounced of the evil lawmakers . . . : See that the new banning of electricity seemingly have started during the North america, upcoming spread southern area, ultimately towards the rest of the business.

: from inside the “German” Mark Kennensie : combines the newest Italian language Draw (border, boundary), and kennen Sie? (do you realize?); the three states Arkansas, Kentucky and you will Tennessee (Tennessee shares limitations for the almost every other several–and you can did you realize the 3 enjoys a common boundary, and almost overlap, at the es of German communities like Markt Oberdorf and you may Markt Rettenbach.

-26: “Swedish” Manitobogan : Manitoba, a state inside the central Canada, having a dash of Michigan, your state from the U.S.An effective., along with “toboggan,” helpful transport to have winters in a choice of area. Like other Prairie states and provinces, Manitoba had a high proportion regarding Scandinavian settlers certainly one of the early Eu immigrants.

MOTIF: electricity

: the fresh red-shirted Yukonets : Darkbloom : ” Yukonets : inhabitant away from Yukon (Russ.).” Alludes to both Canada’s yellow-shirted Mounties (members of this new Royal Canadian Climbed Police) and you may Russian peasant dress: cf. Stories 264: “over a deep red Russian clothing”; SM 41: “Dmitri, the littlest and eldest of your backyard gardeners, good meek, black-booted, red-shirted dwarf.”

: the fresh red-colored-kerchiefed Lyaskanka : Lyaskanka, Alaskan lady (Antiterran Russian: cf. ); red-kerchiefed, cf. SM 80: “kerchiefed peasant ladies.” MOTIF: Lyaska .

-34: common Brown Slope University : Antiterran variety of Bryn Mawr School, a ladies’ university simply away from Philadelphia, Pa. ( bryn function “hill,” and you will mawr “high” in the Welsh), having possibly a dash regarding Brownish University when you look at the Providence, Roentgen.We.? Or perhaps desirable Black Hill School, a liberal-arts college or university near Asheville, NC one to from the 1950s turned a middle out of poetic revolt, added from the Charles Olson (1910-1970), Robert Duncan (1919- ), Robert Creeley (1926- ), and you will Denise Levertov (1923- )? The brand new Brownhill of which Ada and you will Cordula de- Target investigation () is a preparation school because of it Brownish Hill, that is allegedly a tertiary institution. MOTIF: Brownishhill; Brownish .

: situated of the certainly one of the woman reduced reputable ancestors : Allegedly new Zemski predecessor which appreciated small people: “I have got certain awful perverts within ancestry. . . . )

: Milton Abraham : Cf. -05: “Abraham Milton.” In view of the suggestion of a western chairman during the “Abraham Milton,” it term now evokes Chairman Dwight Eisenhower’s sis Milton. Eisenhower (1899-1985) are a good statesman exactly who Chairman Eisenhower considered, in term out-of their own presidency, since the “The person exactly who, on the view of knowledge from human and you can political items, persuasiveness in speech and commitment to all of our nation, would make an educated chairman I am able to remember” (Patricia Burgess, ed., The fresh new Yearly Obituary : 1985, Chicago: St. James Force, 1988, 242).

Milton S

He’s started bonded with Abraham Lincoln not only in reversal out of “Abraham Milton,” but as the just as Lincoln battled to keep the fresh new North and you may the newest South together with her in the American Municipal Battle, so Milton Eisenhower are famous especially for looking for an insurance policy that create hook up Northern and South usa–towards Antiterra, all of the part of the You.S.Good. (-30). In 1952 Milton Eisenhower is among dominant writers from their brother’s election program: “One plank in the election program try an attack on the President Truman’s alleged overlook off South america, whenever General Eisenhower became president one of his true earliest serves would be to designate their sister because his chat zozo own affiliate into area into the identity of Special Ambassador. Milton added a good four-times reality-trying to find purpose from the regions of South usa during summer off 1953 along with his next statement turned the foundation of your Eisenhower Administration’s Latin-american rules. He was a strong suggest of ‘positive assistance’ to help you stop the anti-All of us effect in the area.” ( ibid. ) On the aftermath of the Bay regarding Pigs debacle, the guy authored Your wine try Bitter: The usa and you can Latin The usa (Lawn Town, Letter.Y.: Doubleday, 1963), and he demanded United states support to own reforms in Latin America who does ensure “a peaceful however, vanguard alliance to have progress” as opposed to “soft wave” (ix).